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20 Feb 2019

Mohammad Pazhutan

Mohammad Pazhutan (Born 1974), composer and sound designer, has been active since 1991. He started his works using tape techniques and sound synthesis and after nearly ten years began composing with computers. He has composed and recorded hundreds of pieces, made sound installations for interdisciplinary spaces as well as making compositions for live performances. He has written articles on sound synthesis, audio programming languages, sound mix, music mastering, contemporary art-music, electronic musical instruments and music appreciation for magazines. He is the first Iranian composer to do sound installations in art gallery spaces.

Pazhutan has designed different courses for education of electronic and computer music, sound synthesis, music technology and jazz. He has taught his courses in Tehran Conservatory, Art of Sound School, Taraneh Music Institute and some other educational centers.


2007 - Liquid Synthesis Dementia, Gita Art Gallery, Tehran

2009 - Open Form No.1, Aun Gallery, Tehran

2012 - Open Form No.2, Shirin Gallery, Tehran

2012 - John Cage's Variation I Through Wiener Process, East Art Gallery, Tehran


1995 - Voltage (For Pulse Code Modulation And Magnetic Tape)

1997 - Freeze (For Pulse Code Modulation And Magnetic Tape)

1998 - Perfumed Graphics (For Pulse Code Modulation And Magnetic Tape)

2006 - Non-sequential Rhythms (For Digital Sequencer And Computer Synthesis)

2008 - The Two Fantasies (Composition For Sampled Orchestra And Computer Synthesis)

2008 - Differential (Coding For Algorithmic Real-time Music Architecture And Sound Synthesis)

2010 - Space|Time (Drones Composition For Computer Synthesis)

2010 - Eight Bit And Figurative (SID Algorithms Simulation)

2010 - Multipath (Sound Wave Time Dilation Experiment)

2012 - Le Doute Cartesién (Moiré pattern methods used on musical material)